Are you looking for a simple way to define your marketing audience? You have a great product, service or business and you have some powerful messages to share. But if you are telling the wrong people in the wrong way, then you are not going to get the results that you want – and you’ll probably waste a lot of time and money in the process. 

Do you know who you are trying to target? Have you thought about who your marketing audience is? At Tonic Consultancy we can help you to define the groups of people who need to hear your message, we can help you to define that message and we can make sure that your target audience actually hears that message. 

But what do some of these target audiences look like? 

Here are some of the main target audiences you might want to consider. At Tonic Consultancy, these are the four key audiences that we are often asked about. 

Students: This is a really broad audience, but you are probably looking at an age range of 18-24 with a diverse set of social attitudes, values and an ever-shrinking appetite for more traditional marketing.

Millennials and Generation Z: This is another really broad audience – all those people born between 1981 and 2012. A diverse set of needs, looking for a diverse set of experiences with a focus on social media marketing and video content. 

Families with children: This is, unsurprisingly, a really broad audience. There really is no such thing as a standard family in 2020. This is another diverse audience but you probably want to think more about imagery, timing and impact. 

ABC1s: Or, if you’re unfamiliar with the term, the people who make up the higher socioeconomic demographic. But this is, wait for it, a really broad audience. And it’s tough to define this audience too. ABC1s can no longer be ring fenced by industry, job title, education or income and this audience could also quite easily sit in one of the other categories too.

Have you noticed a theme here?

Modern-day marketing cannot rely on broad definitions of target audience. Within each broad audience there are distinct, diverse segments; but tapping into these segments can yield powerful results. To identify your specific audience you should really consider your products, your services and your competitors. 

So how can we help you?

At Tonic Consultancy we are obsessed with audience research. We love crunching the numbers to really understand what you want to say and who you want to say it to. The marketing journey for us always starts with the audience – who are you trying to target? What are you trying to achieve? 

We apply a rigorous, scientific-led approach to define your audience. We use leading categorisation systems (like Mosaic) and technology and data services (such as TGI data) to really understand who you need to target. We are so obsessed with the data that some people might call us geeks; but we just call ourselves audience-led. 

And once you have defined your audience, we can help you to target them in a clear, effective and efficient way. We know how to target the full spectrum of audience types in the best way possible. In designing your campaign like this, we can provide you with the most effective campaign with a clear vision and minimal wastage. 

If you need help finding your audience then give us a shout –