Christmas clock countdown

It might only be October, but no one can deny that it’s that time of year when Christmas starts showing its festive face everywhere you turn. The perfume adverts are back on TV, shops are slowly filling with gifts and decorations, and it won’t be long until Mariah Carey is revived from her deep slumber to announce all she wants for Christmas is you.

For many brands, all the festive marketing will be well underway, and, no judgment, some of you might even have the office Christmas tree up and decorated already. But while many employees are already looking forward to and planning their Christmas breaks, for brands and marketers, there’s still a long way to go and lots to get sorted.

We thought we’d have a look at some tips and advice to help get you organised for the final Christmas countdown, as a little preparation will make sure that you can enjoy the Christmas break and keep your business on top of the festive fury!


Taking time out from work is important, as we all need time to recharge, relax, and spend precious time with loved ones, and there’s no better time to do all of that than at Christmas. A good first step is to decide when your business is going to shut down and reopen, and it’s important to make sure that’s clearly communicated to everyone who needs to know, from employees and clients to customers and suppliers. It allows everyone to know when you will be available, and for you to prepare.

Think about when you will be able to take some time out from work and consider any temporary cover you might need to keep your business ticking over if it doesn’t shut down completely over the festive period, or if you can operate with a skeleton crew of staff.

If you have children, will you need to organise childcare over the school holidays? While you might able to work at home and look after the kids, keep in mind that balancing work and parenting might prove tricky at this busy time of year. Maybe get extra cover at work so you can truly enjoy the spirit of Christmas with the family instead of trying to juggle everything!


Once you know your shutdown period for the end of the year, you will need to make sure it is communicated thoroughly. Update your website and social media so that all of your current and potential customers know when you will be available.

If your brand sells products, then ensure you clearly communicate the last order date to customers for a pre-Christmas delivery, as well as letting them know when any orders placed over the festive period will be processed, if your business is shutting down completely.

If you provide a service, then it’s more about managing expectations, and letting your clients know when you will be available. Make sure you are crystal clear about this, and don’t leave things open to assumptions.

Call your clients to have a wrap-up of the year, and do a review on how the past 12 months have gone for them and you, as well as chat about their plans for the next year.

Christmas Marketing

Regardless of whether your business is busy or quiet during the Christmas period, it’s always a good idea to plan some well-thought-out festive marketing to help give your brand a boost. Christmas provides a great opportunity to develop a festive theme for your marketing, no matter what your niche or industry.

If your brand deals with B2B, then keep in mind that while many companies will also be closed over the holidays, they will still be spending time online, so make sure you are still visible to them with your marketing. If you sell to consumers, then you know they will always be spending time online too, so make sure you keep visible on the socials.

If you’re planning on sending Christmas cards and/or gifts to clients, plan well in advance and don’t leave it to the last minute.


It’s always important to plan and create marketing content well in advance, but even more so for Christmas, as well as getting things planned for the new year to get you back up and running as quickly as possible on a cold January morning.

Consider any blog posts, email marketing, and social media posts that you will want to send in line with any specific or special Christmas products, services, or offers. Create your content well in advance, and be as inventive as you can be!

Why not share some behind-the-scenes content of your office preparing for the season, such as staff in Christmas jumpers, or decorating the office Christmas tree? You can then schedule your content to go out via your email marketing or cosily media scheduler, and make sure you keep your online presence while you wrap your Christmas presents!

Prepare for the New Year

Part of your plan to take some time out for yourself is to make sure you’re prepared for the return to work in January. Your customers and clients will be expecting business as usual, so plan ahead to ensure you don’t find yourself snowed under.

If you think you may find yourself neck-deep in emails or an influx of orders, then think about outsourcing some of the work to help ease you back in. A little extra support in January will help everyone get back in the swing of things while maintaining your clients and customers’ expectations.

2024 Planning

It’s not just the Christmas countdown to think about, there’s the countdown to the new year to consider too.

The festive period is a great time to start thinking and planning for the year ahead, and if you get to December and haven’t yet thought about your or your brand’s goals and budgets for the coming 12 months, try to find time to put thoughts on paper about the direction you want to take your business, instead of losing clarity and time thinking about it in January.

Think about any new products or services you want to launch and develop a framework for 2024 that includes key dates, events you may be attending, and the goals that you have set yourself.

Winter Clear Out

Good preparation for the new year should include a good clear-out for your business. Tidy your desk, delete any unnecessary emails, update your filing system, or cull your social media groups and platforms to help you hit the ground running after the new year.

Take Time Out After The Christmas Countdown

Even if it’s just for a short break, it’s important to take time out from your business. It will help you reset, give your body a break, and help adjust your focus. But most of all, it allows you to spend time with those closest to you.

Coming back to work in the new year with a clear mind and feeling refreshed will be a big step in helping you achieve your goals in 2024, so make the most of your festivities and enjoy!