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A Q&A with Huge Media

What is taxi advertising?

Using Iconic British fully licensed hackney cabs to carry various formats of brand messaging inside and out whilst they are working in busy city centres and urban areas.

How effective can it be?

With the right creative it can be extremely effective, especially for branding campaigns. As taxis negotiate busy arterial routes and command city centres the advertising messages are highly visible amongst an upmarket and urban audience.

What formats are available?

Liveries (fully wrapped taxis), Supersides (panels beneath the windows running the entire length of both sides of the taxi), Tip Seats (the two interior panels on the underside of the flip down seats for additional passengers) rear windscreens and promotional receipt pads, product placement and brand ambassador drivers.

How does it fit into an OOH/overall media campaign?

It can work very well in conjunction with all other media formats used, acting as a prompt whenever seen in busy city centres and in the suburbs. It can be linked to client social media campaigns, using QR codes, taxi selfie and promotional contact numbers.

How do I know where my ad is going?

You buy in ranks in specific general geographical areas but due to the nature of the business, there can be no guarantees of routes taken as drivers have to go where the fares dictate, although it is possible to upweight certain areas of interest (train stations, airports, City or West End in London etc). Suffice to say, even though you may not know the exact route your message is following, it will be one that is highly visible as the driver wants to earn as much revenue as possible. We are currently working with partners to develop a telematics system that will give more precise information regarding opportunities to see and distance covered.

What’s a minimum campaign you would suggest?

There’s no stock answer for this as it depends on many factors such as city centre targeted, planned campaign duration, campaign objectives, the actual message itself and populations of particular towns and cities.

What tips do you have for great creative?

As with most OOH, keep it simple and bold – although use of celebrity, bright colours and striking images usually help with standout. Sometimes less is more!

If you are interested in finding out how Taxi advertising may fit into your out of home marketing mix – contact us on 01829 782671 or hello@tonicconsultancy.co.uk

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Recent Projects…

We ended 2020 and started 2021 with an out of home campaign for Healthier Lancashire and South Cumbria’s suicide prevention. The “Let’s keep talking” creative was displayed on billboards, bus shelters, and phone kiosks throughout December and January driving maximum impact in local areas at a time when people were struggling in silence. Through the campaign – Healthier Lancashire and South Cumbria encouraged people to discuss the challenging issues they are faced due to the lockdown.

The campaign has been shortlisted for a prestigious award at this year’s NHS in the North Excellence in Supply Awards. These awards celebrate inspirational examples of businesses, third sector organisations and the NHS working together to improve patient care and support health and care staff during COVID-19.

The background to the campaign was the huge risks associated with Isolation and lockdown and the effect that this could have on vulnerable people. Through insight gathered, the campaign was quickly mobilised to reach out and share support to those most at risk groups, through (amongst other formats) – a targeted digital and out of home campaign.

Hot spots were prioritised for a complete marketing and engagement programme and a strong relevant creative was developed. Through the delivery channels a narrative was adapted across the region dependent on the audience demographic and within specific locations.

The out of home campaign was planned strategically by cross referencing priority areas with audience data as well as utilising budgets effectively to deliver maximum exposure. The phone kiosk format fit effortlessly with the ‘let’s keep talking’ creative and provided large audiences across prime locations. We peppered the campaign with high impact 48 sheets on commuter routes, as well as a host of 6 sheets to repeat the message in similar locations. The overall out of home campaign delivered close to 4 million impacts across 8 weeks.

The impact in specific areas has resulted in a huge awareness of the support available for those who are vulnerable during this period and therefore has a huge impact on the health system, specifically in the management of the number of suicides in Lancashire and South Cumbria. The campaign will continue to progress and support people and services across the region with more stages of the campaign as we start to open from lockdown measures and risks are further identified due to other reasons (furlough ending, meaning redundancy etc).

Out of home

What is ‘out of home’ advertising?

We know that the world feels a little different right now. In fact, it feels a little weird talking about ‘out of home’ advertising when so many of us have spent the past few months finding ways to work, live and keep safe very much at home. But, as the world starts establishing a new normal (and more and more of us find safe ways to get back to work) it might be time to start thinking about the best ways to advertise.

So what are the best ways to advertise out of home?

At Tonic Consultancy, we have implemented campaigns across the whole spectrum of ‘out of home’ mediums. The most typical ways are:


Taxi advertising is a powerful form of transport advertising. Wrapped taxis can reinforce brand exposure and be a really cost effective marketing method. Although it is definitely worth a sensible discussion about your target audience, as this type of advertising tends to offer a higher impact in more densely populated areas such as towns and cities.


Buses are an everyday sight in the British landscape. Even during lockdown, buses are providing a really valuable network of transport for our essential workers. And as more and more people spend time outside you can find more and more opportunities to boost your marketing efforts. Bus advertising can offer an impactful form of advertising for any size of business and can really drive your target audience to your business, website or event.

Digital advertising vans

A digital ad van is effectively a giant, portable and entirely-customisable LED screen. We can source digital advertising vans and bikes which are designed to deliver your messaging directly to your target audience. The screen offers the flexibility to deliver static or moving content; with audio and video options available. These vans and bikes can push your message to a wide range of different demographics – delivering the right message, to the right people, at the right time. 


Billboards are definitely an old classic. Which means it can be easy to underestimate the value of using a billboard in your marketing campaign. There are lots of ways that you can customise billboard content (shape, imagery, messaging) but if they are used in the right location, they can act as a constant reminder to your target audience that you are just the right brand, business or website for them.

Digital out of home

This form of advertising takes billboards to the next level – and in this technological era, people expect to see digital interfaces more and more. Moving words and images can really work to captivate your target audience and it offers a powerful way to deliver your marketing messaging. 

We can offer a wide range of options for digital out of home advertising, from small screens in public spaces to enormous screens at outdoors events – we can help you to design and deliver your marketing campaign in the best way possible.


People can be really bored at train stations. Commuters and travellers are often spending time just waiting for their train to arrive – and tend to engage with out of home advertising in more receptive ways. How many times have you read a poster on a train platform out of sheer boredom? Rail and tram stations are hubs for your target audience and can offer a clever way to deliver your messaging to a large section of your target audience. 

London Underground

Let’s get real. London is huge. And millions of people navigate the City every day. With clever planning, you can really target vast numbers of the population and most people will see the message once or twice a day. Do you want to target people in financial services? Then look at lines or stations around the City, the West End or Canary Wharf. Do you want to target tourists? Then look more to stations around the sights, Waterloo, Buckingham Palace, Regents Park. 

Advertising on the London underground can be a really effective way to advertise, no matter where in the world your business is located.


We know that air travel isn’t really an option at the moment and we really hope that over the coming months that we can find safe ways to resume trips abroad. When this happens you might want to consider adding airport advertising to your campaign. Holiday makers are typically in a happy frame of mind and much more likely to impulse buy – or engage with a brand that they might not ordinarily engage with. 

If you are starting to think about how you could advertise outside of the home, then give us a shout.